Monday, January 30, 2012

It's time to swim

I usually swim to release tension, but I never forget look perfect, even in a pool. 

My recommendation: Always use sunscreen. Being tanned is OUT and keep your natural skin color is totally IN. 
(Thx! Emma Stone for this advice)

Simone is wearing Ruth Swimsuit by Lilly Pulitzer. 

Accessorized with Jackie sunglasses (white with pink inside) by Teeny Tiny Optics and Yo Gabba Gabba-Foofa Face Slip-On Shoes by Vans Kids.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Every DIVA needs to relax!

Ok my hearts, there is nothing in this world that can overcome a weekend at the Resort "La Costa". My favorite part is the facial time. I need to keep my skin smooth and young. Being a "big girl" has me a little worried about it.
OMG stay away from me ages!!!!! (just come to get my license and my credit card).

I really need all this, especially after my article on People and the success I had (I don´t want to brag BUT almost 5000 hits in just 1 day HELLO!! not everyone does, so... becareful "Brangelina").

Simone is wearing Purple "Super Cool" sweater and Lido shoes by Roxy Girl. 


Also, Grey Knit leggings by TA-EAM for Nordstrom, accessorize with Jackie sunglasses (white with pink inside) by Teeny Tiny Optics.


Friday, January 27, 2012

People Magazine: Meet the Fashion Star "Simone"

Look who’s already rocking the red carpet and MAGAZINES!

From her ankle boots to her chic scarf, Simone Masterson-Horn is quickly becoming quite the fashionista.

It’s no surprise considering her aunt (and godmother!) is trendsetter Tori Spelling and her dads are the actress’s best friends (and Home Sweet Hollywood costars) Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, a.k.a The Guncles.

But we’re not the only ones to notice this mini style star! Kiddie fashion blogger Natalia Caver also has Simone on her radar and has even created a site dedicated to the 19-month-old’s adorable ensembles.

“[Simone] is a little princess, funny with a great personality, and a lovely wardrobe,” Caver tells PEOPLE.
“One day you see her with fancy dresses like Suri Cruise and [the next day] with fur boots, a scarf, and a beret like her cousin Stella McDermott.”

Known to step out in brands ranging from Target to Zara, proud dad Horn jokes his little girl knows what she wants — and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion! — when it comes to her sense of style.“Simone is starting to point to things she wants to wear and often lets us know if she isn’t in the mood to wear something we’re about to put on her. We’ve created a clothing monster!” he says. 

– Anya Leon
Thanks to

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

You know how much I love lunch with my dads. They always leave me ask for what I want but like any girl... I'm indecisive, so I always ask one thing of each dish on the menu. 

When they tell me: Dear, we will go out to eat, please choose your outfit.
My face lights up automatically and usually is like.....

This time we went to Brentwood to lunch and my outfit was very "missoni print"  and very special too, because I´m wearing my DIAMOND NECKLACE (1st Bday gift from my auntie Tori) and as Marilyn Monroe would say: “Diamonds are a girls best friend.” (SO TRUE)

Simone is wearing Knit Tunic by Ta-Eam for Nordstrom, Black Ruffle cardigan by Target (sold out) and also Black Tumbled Boots by Nina Kids.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animal Lover!

Ok Guys .... I must be honest, I have "pet problems" with my daddies :(

I told them that I want a pet ... ¿Why auntie Tori can have any pet she want?

First I told them that I want a pony with very long pink hair and they said: 
Honey, that kind of pony only exist in the princess movies! (well, I´m living a princess movie DA!)

Then I try with a little panda, they said: 
Honey, we would need to reforest our backyard and fill it with bamboo to have a panda.

I also tried with a dolphin but this time I proposed that we could have it in the bathtub, but they said: 
is a great idea BUT the tub is too small for a dolphin.

So, after all my proposals for pets they gave me this shirt ..... and it's great!! 

My little kitty is very obedient, eat when I do, sleep when I do, no meows at night, no poop there AND you know cats are not fans of the bathrooms but mine ... I only take it out and throw it in the washing machine! (yay) and I almost forget the fact that my kitty also came with the best dance moves: Fist Pump! (printed on the shirt)

Simone is wearing Kitty Shirt by Next Level Apparel (in stores only), Capri Ruched Leggings by Xhilaration for Target (sold out, find similar one HERE) and Piggy Slippers by Rich Frog for InvenTORI.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bedtime with Style!

I love the glamour of old Hollywood. You know... big girls like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or my source of inspiration for this time Mara Hobel AKA "Christina Crawford". I think the last one is more appropriate to my age ... right? (LOL)

So I told to my Daddies: If we have already rejected my crib we need to change my wardrobe to sleep. 

Big girls, no more footed pjs!!! & Please Dad's, fix me a milk nightcap!!!

and as always... they couldn't resist my charms (^.^)

Simone is wearing Hot Pink Frilly Peignoir Set by Laura Dare with Yo Gabba Gabba Hair Clips.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Big Girl Now!

I decided to leave my crib. It´s still difficult but I am facing well (^.^)

Simone´s Hearts Duvet Cover is from Ikea.