Friday, November 09, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok, I know, maybe it has been a week since Halloween, but I needed to reduce my sugar levels in the blood to be able to tell you what was "my night of horror and adventure 2012". 

First of all, Halloween began almost one week before FOR ME. The first costume I wore it for a "Costume Party" on October 27. As I told you I am a strong and determined woman, therefore, I wanted to make that clear and I told my dads.

"I need a powerful costume, a courageous woman able to look good and save the world at the same time, strong, who can fly, loved by the public (and I'm not thinking on a Disney Princess)....... Mmmmm, let me see.... got it! ....."The Wonder Woman". She's matching with me, we're like two drops of water" 


The second costume I did it myself, it was my art project at school. This time I chose my favorite fruit a "strawberry". I cut, paint and decorate my own costume to participate in the "Halloween Parade" of my school.

And finally on Halloween (day) I chose a "Cute Little Bunny" and do not tell to my parents, but was my strategy to melt the heart of my neighbors and get more candies. I think this was the best day, my trick-or-treat was with my cousins ​​Liam, Stella & Hattie and of course my aunt Tori and uncle Dean.

We had a lot of fun, so much that the last picture of me was ... "sweet dreams & cotton candy"