Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dealing with boys

I'm pretty quiet but when it comes to dealing with boys and their strange ways to see the life.... SORRY I have no patience.

Don´t you love this picture? it´s like a old style picture.

The other day in the park I had to bear with a boy who threw sand at me (OH OH He got in trouble). Immediately I had to start practicing self-control and I said to myself: "Ok Simone, he is a boy, the boys have a lower mental maturity than a girl, understand, is still stuck at the stage of throwing things."

It was at that moment when I saw my dad go to the mother of the boy, after a while, the boy was apologetic. (Girls are always right)

After the little incident, I needed to calm my nerves so something sweet is always good.

Simone is wearing Unicorn Tee by Stella Blu (her cousin Stella McDermott also wore this tee and you can see it HERE) and over it Stripe Shirt by T2Love (sold out)

with Jeggings by Circo at Target

and Lunarglide 3 sneakers by Nike Kids.

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