Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Antique shopping!

In my family buying antiques is normal and one of our favorite things to do on weekends. Sometimes auntie Tori and uncle Dean come with us and of course, also my cousins, but this weekend we were just me and my parents, so I had a lot of time with them. 

We talked of many things, among these, something very important that requires months of planification, MY BIRTHDAY. I'll soon be 2 years so it seemed good to put my ideas on the table and show to my parents that I want a "Super Sweet 2" worthy of a princess.


First we lunch at Ricochet (in Joshua tree) but the desert heat got hot, so I took off my tee AND let me show you my super cute and noble tank top from Project Ladybug by Dina Manzo's charity. They bring financial and emotional hope to children and their families under rigorous medical treatments. Dina Manzo is the “Mother-ladybug” who shelters young children suffering from life-threatening illnesses under her wings. To get my cute top and donate for this wonderful cause go HERE.

Simone is wearing Hope Tee by Little Society

with Griffin shorts by Peek Kids

and Dameka Turquoise Boots by Circo at Target

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 1st Fish!

The last weekend I had so much fun at the party of my cousin Liam. Auntie Tori & uncle Dean did an AMAZING job with the SpongeBob SquarePants themed bash. It was really Bikini Bottom with hundreds of algae, floats, fish, jellyfish, crabs and even Stella wore a beautiful Sandy Cheeks costume and Hattie one of Plankton.

Among the activities was face painting, one of my favorites things, so I got my sparkly flower tattoo.

BUT the best of the day was the gift of the party that each guest received. A beautiful golden fish with a own  miniature of "bikini bottom". I named my name "Foofa" like my favorite character from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Simone is wearing Cricket Tshirt by Little Paul & Joe.

Black Ruffle cardigan by Target (sold out)

Green Skirt with Bow by Little Marc Jacobs (available in other colors) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating Liam´s Birthday!

YAY!!!! One of my best friends, my cousin Liam, celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday. We went to dinner with the family and lots of balloons, cake and candies.


We had a lots of fun and in addition each family member got a tattoo (parents and children). I got a custom butterfly to match with my outfit and daddy scouty got a snake.


One moment, you are a professional?... That's what I thought when I saw this woman painting my face. I liked my butterfly, so I guess she had making up experience (^.^)


Simone is wearing Smocked Neck top by Baby Gap.

with Colorpop Mini Skinny Jeans by Baby Gap (available in other colors)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stylish First Haircut with Tabatha Coffey

I always knew that my first haircut should be a moment to remember for the rest of my life. When my daddies told me that I needed a new look my mind automatically went back to when I was a little tiny baby at my baby shower. Auntie Tabatha Coffey was one of my luxury guests and on that occasion she told to my parents that she wanted to do my first haircut. If you don´t remember here's a short video of the moment.

So... Yay!! finally auntie Tabatha can cut my hair!!!. I must say that I'm a lucky girl, you know, not every toddler gets first haircut with her. Even for an adult is difficult to get an appointment with her, ME, well I just had to pick up the phone, dial her number and ready .... my appointment was ready.

When we arrived the first thing I said to Tabatha was: "Dear, I want your haircut. I have analyzed the latest trends and must say that short hair is IN and long hair is OUT, just ask Michelle Williams"  She said there was no problem and would leave my hair a few inches longer so I could use hair accessories. Oh God! I love when people read my mind, auntie Tabatha knows how hard it´s to be a trendsetter and her proposal was perfect for my daily looks.

Don´t get overwhelmed, my dad had me in his arms but I was not afraid (HELLO!!! that place was like my second home) the problem was that the salon chairs were too big for me (LOL). 

Thank you very much auntie Tabatha, you made my hair rocks!

Simone is wearing Cricket Tshirt by Little Paul & Joe

and Striped red/black sweater by Baby Gap (out of stock)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Little library´s mousy

I'm a little library´s mousy (^.^) I love that place, so calm and full of amazing stories. Still is a bit difficult to understand the books that I choose because I've only learned the sounds of the letters and easy words, you know, something simple like: fashion, catwalk, diamonds, clothes, shoes ... I'm over words like house, dog, cat, etc.

***My new hairstyle is still a surprise. Stay tuned to see my new look and only as an advance, my auntie Tabatha Coffey is very involved (^.^)

Simone backpack is Zoo Packs: Owl by Skip Hop