Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dinner Time!

The crayons are the second BFF of any girl ..... and her clothes ;) Especially when you wear fancy clothes. 

I'm wearing Parka Lily shirt by Lately Lily (My new fav brand) and Sequin skirt by Curio+Kind

Happy Valentine!

My heart belong to ¿? (is a private secret)

I'm wearing Just Start shirt by Lately Lily. I LOVE this brand :)

Cultural Day at the Museum

You all know the plans that I have to be the president of United state of America, the first woman. So I decided to start this campaign from now with two years.

Oh yep, that's me and mr. president follows me.

The first step is learn the history of my country, but first of all, and like every politician, I have to start with the "lobby" so I said to Mrs. Nancy Reagan:

Do you wanna hear my ideas? Can you give me some tips? How is the inside of the white house? Well, I'm still waiting for those aswers...

Oh wait....where is my "red carpet"?

I'm wearing Kansas dress by All Saints Spitalfields


Me and my best friend (Harper Smith) always have lots of fun. Here we only play at being "famous girls" and give our best poses and smiles to the paparazzi.

I'm wearing Sequin Mix dress by Splendid Littles

After Christmas Time!

I always have a lot of fun when we go out with my parents. I like going out to dinner, to the park, to the flea market or just to walk the streets of LA.

The holiday season is always my favorite. Children walk in the streets or the park with their new toys, everyone is happy and I can eat a lot of cookies without anyone telling me I can not.... come on! 
It's Christmas time!


I'm wearing striped red/black sweater by Baby Gap (out of stock) 
and Molly T boots by Nina Kids. Thank so much to Nina's team for my beautiful pair of boots. I love them!!