Friday, November 09, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok, I know, maybe it has been a week since Halloween, but I needed to reduce my sugar levels in the blood to be able to tell you what was "my night of horror and adventure 2012". 

First of all, Halloween began almost one week before FOR ME. The first costume I wore it for a "Costume Party" on October 27. As I told you I am a strong and determined woman, therefore, I wanted to make that clear and I told my dads.

"I need a powerful costume, a courageous woman able to look good and save the world at the same time, strong, who can fly, loved by the public (and I'm not thinking on a Disney Princess)....... Mmmmm, let me see.... got it! ....."The Wonder Woman". She's matching with me, we're like two drops of water" 


The second costume I did it myself, it was my art project at school. This time I chose my favorite fruit a "strawberry". I cut, paint and decorate my own costume to participate in the "Halloween Parade" of my school.

And finally on Halloween (day) I chose a "Cute Little Bunny" and do not tell to my parents, but was my strategy to melt the heart of my neighbors and get more candies. I think this was the best day, my trick-or-treat was with my cousins ​​Liam, Stella & Hattie and of course my aunt Tori and uncle Dean.

We had a lot of fun, so much that the last picture of me was ... "sweet dreams & cotton candy"

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Disney's "Phineas and Ferb: The Best Live Tour Ever"

I had the opportunity to attend the Disney's "Phineas and Ferb: The Best Live Tour Ever" and .....was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G with no limits for my imagination :)

I love these guys, they are so funny and the best of all is that I went with my cousins ​​Liam, Stella & Hattie YAY!

AND OF COURSE! it was the perfect occasion to wear my new shoes from my sweet and lovely auntie Lisa Rinna (thx! daddy wants the adult version now LOL)

Simone is wearing Beary Hoodie by Little z Kids (sold out). Thx Sandy for all the amazing and my dads LOVE EACH ONE OF THEM!

with Infant Color Jegging by Joe's


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walking the Line!

Some time ago my parents put on tv one of the Cirque du Solei shows. Immediately my reaction was: OMG this is real? or just a figment of my overactive imagination? and no, those amazing stunts are completely real!

Hey dads! why I still do not see any of these shows? and they said that my age still would not let me :( Oh god! only you know how unfair life is and how much I want to stop being a toddler to do things of big girls, like go shopping alone, watching movies until late, eat ice cream everyday, start reading alone and above all, go to see the Cirque du Solei with my friends (without parents obviously).


I can't see the Cirque du Solei "yet" BUT I decided to start practicing my own tricks, so every time we go out and I see a line in the sidewalk I tell myself: Simone's your chance... "walk the line"!!


Simone is wearing Jaya Tank by Peek Kids (sold out)

and Griffin shorts also by Peek Kids (sold out)

*** Simone also is wearing Suede Loafers (no brand), you can get the copy-cat option HERE. Her purse is from Olivera Street. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Brunch A LA MODE!

I think the brunch are extremely fashionable. So I suggested to my best friend Lucy that we had a half day in true Parisian style in The Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel.

As you know, two toddlers around LA (alone) is not normal. So, we had to invite parents and this was the best because we could ask, ask, and keep asking for things from the menu without worrying about the bill.... our parents brought the wallets.

Well Lucy let 's get serious,  what do you think of the presidential election? Should we vote? I do not know, none convince me yet. None have convincing proposals for toddlers :/

After the brunch and tons of yummy food, we went to the Flea market. You never know what you can find there!!! I love that place.

Simone is wearing Sparkle Dotted Dress by Little Marc jacobs (sold out)

and J-Alexa Girls Fold-Over Ankle Boots by Stevies Kids.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If you didn't have a're not into fashion!

When my dads give me some new piece of jewelry do not usually refuse, in fact, I love them and not because of anything Marilyn Monroe once said: Diamonds are girl's best friends... O.M.G! How right she was :)

The new addition in my jewelry box is the "2" necklace by 100%Gumdrop.

100%Gumdrop is a new brand in the market that is already making waves with this beautiful necklaces and I tell you, if you don't have one yet, what are you waiting for? run to buy any of this amazing necklaces for a really GREAT price and give one to your little princess. Because if you didn't have 100%Gumdrop... you're not into fashion!

Simone is wearing Pink/Orange stripe dress (sold out) by Splendid Littles

Monday, August 20, 2012

3rd Annual My Brother Charlie Family Fun Festival!

You know how much I love to participate and cooperate with the benefits. It's a great opportunity to see my friends and also to help those in need.

A couple of days ago, my and my daddies spent a wonderful sunny day with at the 3rd Annual My Brother Charlie Family Fun Festival. The event, benefitting Holly Robinson Peete’s HollyRod Foundation, was held in Culver City, Calif. on Sunday (August 12). 

Daddy recalling those days of childhood with bugs bunny :)

This was the perfect occasion to hang out with some friends like Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin and their daughters Amelia & Delilah – my best friends. Amelia & Delilah helped me with the event activities – and we got our faces painted like a puppy. We had a blast!”

Simone is wearing Eva dress by Peek

and Shiny Fuchsia Sandals by Sun San

Friday, August 03, 2012

Nina Kids Back to School Contest!

I am a huge fan of Nina Shoes. Are stylish, comfortable and they have different styles for every occasion. I hear they will have a great "Back to School Contest", so everyone who love my style can run to participate and get some nice shoes for FREE!

Here are the steps:

The contest will start Sunday, August 5th and run for 2 weeks, ending on Saturday, August 18th.
Each day they will be posting a "hint" on the Nina Kids Facebook page (HERE), followers will then have to follow the link to the website and "hunt" for the answer, which is a shoe name. The "hint" will also appear in the shoes description. Then the follower can return to Nina Kids facebook and comment their answer under each days post. They will be choosing 2 - 3 winners per day and then 5 winners on our last day. Those winners will receive that days shoe as their prize!!! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is a Girl's Life! Special mention to Little z Kids

Sometimes it's hard being a girl. You must keep the house clean, look after the kids, have time for dinner with friends, go to shopping AND always look beautiful.......... is hard!

But from time to time our life becomes much easier if we have parents who take us to lunch at fancy restaurants, this is my case. The other day I said to my Dad Scout while we enjoyed the sun drinking a juice made ​​with Fiji water (oh yeah, that's a real cocktail):

Daddy, life is hard, sometimes it's hard to take care of everything, it's hard being a girl in this world, I am a good daughter, the kids always looks clean (when I say kids I mean my dogs), I eat all my vegetables and I'm always willing to give a hug. So I was thinking, what if we go to lunch at some place away from home?, I think I deserve it.

Dad immediately headed to dad Bill and I could see they had a little chat, after 5 min both came to me and said:
Honey, pick your best outfit because we'll go to King's Head Pub II.

I concluded that I have a great mental power (LOL). So I went to my room to find the perfect outfit and what better than Little z Kids. Their owner Sandy Zeccardi has filled me with gifts and I am very grateful for that because they are an exclusive! I have the privilege to enjoy the new collection before anyone else (yeah! I'm a real DIVA). So I took the Bunny Dress with my favorite sandals and I was ready to go to lunch with Dads.


After that day everything returned to normal and as a good housewife of L.A, I went with Nana and dad Scout to the Farmers Market to choose the best vegetables and fruits (no one can pick as well as I do but shuuu, don't tell dad, I don't wanna hurt his feelings).


Outfit 1: Simone is wearing Bunny Top/Dress by Little z Kids summer collection called Japanese POP  and Swimmer in Red Sandals by Sun San

Outfit 2: Chickens TShirt by Little z Kids summer collection called Japanese POP with Griffin shorts by Peek Kids with Swimmer in Red Sandals by Sun San and Fedora by Roxy Girl (out of stock)



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mani Pedi with Dad's

We have already discussed the fact that I love the summer, but play with sand and spend time in the pool has wreaked havoc on my hands and I can't stand this! 

Can you imagine, if in those coincidences of the life, I meet my prince charming and he ask me kiss my hand? NO, NO, NO, our hands should always look like a princess's hands, even when you have 2 years.

So I told to my parents: Is enough, where's my purse? is time for a Mani Pedi!

I had to get Essie's new Good as Gold on toes and on hands I pick pink from Hopscotch Kids line. I am planning to visit more often the salon beauty, especially in this time of year.... Hello! I can't wear sandals if I don't have a nice nail color on my toes (^.^)


Simone is wearing Floral Print Romper by Baby Gap (out of stock)