Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Time!

A Christmas is not Christmas without snow. I decided to practice some techniques in my skiing. It´s difficult because the snow boots are heavier than my whole body and the skis are twice my height. And most importantly... ski clothing is not particularly pretty, no fashion there HELLO!! It's heavy, tight, warm, monochrome and masculine. Definitely not for me and my lifestyle.

But .... there is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my cousins Liam, Stella and baby Hattie. As soon as I found out that they would go too, the trip was automatically appealing to me.

See Stella & Hattie outfit HERE

I also heard that in the ski lodge prepare the best cakes AND with that I can´t control myself, definitely surpasses my standards of good behavior and automatically appears Simone AKA "cake-eating monster"

Simone is wearing Benatar T-shirt by Little Trendstar.

with Black Sparkly Leggings by H&M Kids (in stores only) and Fur Boots by The Children Place (sold out).

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time

Hi There!

GOSH!!! This Christmas was totally great (^.^)
Day 24 was crazy. First we lunch at our favorite restaurant in Pasadena "La Grande Orange Cafe". I decided to do a mini photo shoot outside the restaurant, because I saw the light and I said: 

Yes, it's an excellent location for pictures daddy!

Then we spend a peaceful evening at the church to give thanks for this great year and for have health and love in our home (^.^)

In the night we enyoy a nice dinner with the family BUT I was ready to sleep. I just wanted to wake up to see my christmas gifts..... AND of course! I also wanted to know if Santa had liked the cookies and milk I prepared especially for him. In the morning.... There were in my tree.... my new kitchen set, thanks daddy Bill, it was a tough round of assembly but you will be the first in taste my new cupcakes, and my own piano. For now I'm playing simple things, you know.... like Mozart and Chopin (^.^)

The rest of the weekend we had a lot of fun, love, hugs, kisses and laugh. Thank so much to my daddies for the most beautiful christmas in the WHOLE WORLD.

Simone is wearing Ruffled Stripe Top by M.Fredric (sold out) with Black Ruffle cardigan by Target (sold out).

also Black Tumbled Boots by Nina Kids.

and Black Legging by H&M Kids (sold out online)

In the christmas morning, Simone is wearing Boy Plaid Pajama by Janie & Jack (sold out online)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lunch with Dads!

Christmas has me on edge. Just try to coordinate the perfect outfit, gift (I have a very active social life), decoration, food, choose matching outfits for my dolls GOSH!

But ..... today I decided to relax and have lunch with dads! AND like every woman I am undecided. So Dads, until I know what I want when we go out to eat...... "I want this, and this, this, and this too"

Simone is wearing Fleece Peacoat Jacket - Black by Pink Platinum for Target.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two men & a little lady!

Ok my dear friends here are just a little preview of my magazine issue. We had a lot of fun, I love the pictures!!! you know... I'm a professional model ;) Thank you very much to all the staff of Baby Style Magazine and you know girls if you need an editor... just call me in 20 years! ;)

Fun in the garden :

Simone is wearing Chevron Pleated Dress by Anne Kurris for Target (sold out) and Black Tumbled Boots by Nina Kids.


Christmas Kisses : 

To see Simone´s outfit on this picture click HERE

Cuddle´s Sunset :

Simone is wearing Military Jacket by Little Maven (just available in some stores)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinner Night!

I love dining out and today was a very special day, so I needed celebrate!

First my daddies launched they blog for PARENTING website.

Click on the picture to see the blog

Then was the launch of my blog. I woke up early to make some cupcakes and have a tea party with my dolls. I needed celebrate properly the launch of my blog! :)

The whole day ended with a nice dinner with Daddie's friends, Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith... and of course! one of my best friends baby Harper. A night of fun demonstrated in this picture.

Simone is wearing Striped Ruffle Dress for S/S 2011 by Splendid Littles (out of stock)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to Simone´s Fashion Blog

I am very happy to welcome you to this blog. I hope you can find useful information for your little princess. Thank you very much to Simone's parents Scout and Bill, "The Guncles" on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Thank for all the help, patience and for letting me bring this new project forward.

Photo by Jessica Lewis Photography

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping Day

Last minute Christmas shopping!!!
I had my outfit ready for Christmas Eve but I decided to change, so my dadies took me for another shopping trip. Come on! All girls have these moments of indecision when we choose our clothes for major events, the point is... I have this problem every day of the year! (^.^)

yes, I am a Girlie Girl!

Simone is wearing Black Ruffle cardigan by Target (sold out).

with Pleated Sweater Skirt by Missoni for Target.

and Black Tumbled Boots by Nina Kids.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We are never young enough to enjoy the first love. My daddies said that I´m still to young. So I told HIM we would continue with our love but in secret because our love is TRUE LOVE!

Simone is wearing Mini Biker Hoodie by Harajuku Mini for Target.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

A birthday weekend is something so cool! Tiring for the parents but we enjoy it without thinking about anything, JUST IN FUN TIME! yay!

Simone is wearing Oasis Stripe Set by Splendid Littles.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Cover Magazine Shoot!

Ok world, me and my daddies had a photo shoot for Baby Style Magazine! I'm still in training to be a little quieter during the group portrait (^.^) Sorry but I have 18 months. Anyway, I assure you that our final photos will break hearts.

Simone is wearing Polka Dot Dress by Harajuku Mini for Target.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas Tree!

I'm in a super secret mission to find my Christmas tree for this year (^.^). Simone is wearing Camel Coat by Zara Kids.


Time to swing in style at the park. 

Simone is wearing Pink Blazer by Little Maven (sold out). Stella McDermott (Tori Spelling daughter) also wore this jacket but with black buttons in one episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Season 2.

and Baby Ninja Skills Legging by Roxy Girl (sold out).

Dinner Night!

I had a great dinner with the BEST DADDIES (this has nothing to do with the fact that christmas is near LOL) at Kate Mantellini Restaurant. Simone is wearing Graphic Top by The Children Place.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Walk Time!

Walk Time for my Doll! All moms need time with their babies. Simone is wearing Leopard Cardigan by Old Navy (sold out).