Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinkish Oscars 2012!

Becareful Emma Stone, perhaps in 2025 I do my own remake of "The Help". Anyway, thanks pretty lady, I knew that bright pink would be perfect for the occasion I told you on our meeting last week, BUT make it clear that there is no kind of agreement in our dresses. I think Giambattista Valli doesn´t have a line for girls, so I had to opt for something that I could get in my size....AND if you wear diamonds earrings, I chose pearl necklace :)

I promise that someday I will be at the Oscars, remember, you will see my face there. Whether acting or even better as a director. I am a great actress, I never show off my talents because I still have to practice, but I really am. For example, the other day I had a little discussion with my parents (it's hard for them understand my art around the house, specifically ON the walls .... sigh) at the beginning they caught my attention but immediately I thought to myself: It´s time Simone, put into practice your tears!. So I began to cry and believe it or not my parents automatically forgot my drawings on the walls and they said no longer mattered, even better I got an ice cream to calm my emotion....yeah!! that´s what I call a good actress.

Simone is wearing Rosette dress by Halabaloo S/S 2010 (out of stock)

and Dedra Sparkle Flat by Circo at Target 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Section: In the mail today!

Hi there!! I am very excited because today we will open a new section on my blog called: In the mail today!


I got a lots of gifts from many brands and I want to thank you for that. So, "In the mail today" goes to "Little Trendstar". Thanks Nicole Worth for my beautiful Edie T-shirt, me and my daddies love it! :) 

***Contact us at the email into profile info

Friday, February 17, 2012

Military Style!

When it's time to get ready to go to pre-school I always opt for something comfortable but always stylish.

Some time ago I wanted to try the military style, if Gwen Stefani can do it, me too babe!!! So, call Kingston and Zuma, we can have some fun. Don´t tell to my parents, but Zuma is very attractive to me, his long blond hair and funky style melts my heart. So, dear Zuma, mi phone number is (123)111-1111 at least that's the number that Dad told me when we play with my toy phone, so, I think it works but if not, just leave me a message (shhhh our secret)

Thanks to the weather in LA (a bit cold and rainy) this was the perfect occasion to wear my "military clothes".

Simone is wearing Military Jacket by The Children´s Place. Inside, Simone wear a shirt by Kingsley (out of stock)

with Jeggings by Circo at Target

and Miehana Sneakers by L.A.M.B-Gwen Stefani Clothing Line (out of stock)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dealing with boys

I'm pretty quiet but when it comes to dealing with boys and their strange ways to see the life.... SORRY I have no patience.

Don´t you love this picture? it´s like a old style picture.

The other day in the park I had to bear with a boy who threw sand at me (OH OH He got in trouble). Immediately I had to start practicing self-control and I said to myself: "Ok Simone, he is a boy, the boys have a lower mental maturity than a girl, understand, is still stuck at the stage of throwing things."

It was at that moment when I saw my dad go to the mother of the boy, after a while, the boy was apologetic. (Girls are always right)

After the little incident, I needed to calm my nerves so something sweet is always good.

Simone is wearing Unicorn Tee by Stella Blu (her cousin Stella McDermott also wore this tee and you can see it HERE) and over it Stripe Shirt by T2Love (sold out)

with Jeggings by Circo at Target

and Lunarglide 3 sneakers by Nike Kids.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Reading in Style!

A woman not only must worry about her appearance, my parents tell me daily that I should "nourish my mind and my knowledge" to become in a balanced woman. 

So, I decided to start reading. I know, with almost 2 years is a bit difficult, but I'm good with the pictures, so for now I take a book, I see the pictures and imagine the story. 

The other day at the library I took something called "The Little Dictionary of Fashion" by Christian Dior. I immediately knew it was my life story book. BUT I have a question, why it´s on sale in the library?

Simone is wearing Lace Dress by IsModern (sold out)

with Jackie sunglasses (white with pink inside) by Teeny Tiny Optics.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Super Bowl (out), Super Bubble (in)

Sorry guys, I´m a girl and the Super Bowl it´s not funny or entertaining at all (my apologies dads). So, this year I found something really creative, BUBBLES and I called my sunday "The Super Bubble"

I thought in "Sunday Barefoot Bubbles" but it was too long and had to be something that rhymes with "Super Bowl" so.....

Simone is wearing Alphabet Shirt (pink/gold) by Atsuyo et Akiko

*** also she is wearing Roxy Girl Jeans (sold out)