Monday, March 12, 2012

Stylish First Haircut with Tabatha Coffey

I always knew that my first haircut should be a moment to remember for the rest of my life. When my daddies told me that I needed a new look my mind automatically went back to when I was a little tiny baby at my baby shower. Auntie Tabatha Coffey was one of my luxury guests and on that occasion she told to my parents that she wanted to do my first haircut. If you don´t remember here's a short video of the moment.

So... Yay!! finally auntie Tabatha can cut my hair!!!. I must say that I'm a lucky girl, you know, not every toddler gets first haircut with her. Even for an adult is difficult to get an appointment with her, ME, well I just had to pick up the phone, dial her number and ready .... my appointment was ready.

When we arrived the first thing I said to Tabatha was: "Dear, I want your haircut. I have analyzed the latest trends and must say that short hair is IN and long hair is OUT, just ask Michelle Williams"  She said there was no problem and would leave my hair a few inches longer so I could use hair accessories. Oh God! I love when people read my mind, auntie Tabatha knows how hard it´s to be a trendsetter and her proposal was perfect for my daily looks.

Don´t get overwhelmed, my dad had me in his arms but I was not afraid (HELLO!!! that place was like my second home) the problem was that the salon chairs were too big for me (LOL). 

Thank you very much auntie Tabatha, you made my hair rocks!

Simone is wearing Cricket Tshirt by Little Paul & Joe

and Striped red/black sweater by Baby Gap (out of stock)