Thursday, June 07, 2012

2nd Birthday!

Ok, I have officially entered what pediatricians often called "The terrible 2" but I wonder... Does this expression has to do with the fact that I can go shopping alone or because every day I start to learn more about fashion? Do "The terrible 2" the same as saying "shopaholic? 

Well either option slated to be correct because honestly, the terrible 2 and what people often say about this stage is totally anti glamorous!... At least for me (:

Anyway, like any princess in the world I have my own Birthday Bash with a lot of pink, purple, a giant birthday cake-shaped bounce castle, face painting, glitter tattoos and an over-the-top.... prop-filled photo booth by Vizid Booth

In lieu of gifts, my guests brought a donation of diapers for my family’s favorite charity, Baby Buggy. Also, Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies flew in from Seattle and she designed a styled dessert table including an ombré multi-tier buttercream cake, sugar cookies, cupcake-flavored popcorn, and her famous cake pops. 

My guests included family and friends, auntie Tori Spelling and uncle Dean, with my cousins Liam, Stella and Hattie (btw! if you wanna know what my stylish cousin Stella is wearing check out her blog HERE) Selma Blair and son Arthur, Kimberly Van Der Beek with kids Olivia and Joshua... AND OF COURSE!!!! all my school´s friend.


I remember my grandma once told me: Simone, did you know that every child in the world chooses the parents that she or he will have when God send them to the earth?... I chose my parents and I do not regret. We were meant to be together and maybe I dont leave the belly of any of them but I born from their hearts so I have a piece of them. Thanks for caring me, loving me and teaching me that love is the most important thing in the life.

I had a wonderful day and I must thank to my parents and guests for that. Dads I know, now you both need more patience but I promise to obey (unless the issue of how to dress, in that, I will always have the reason). Thanks because I'm the happiest girl in the world and wish that all children could be lucky enough to live surrounded by much love as I do.

OH BTW!!!! Dads...where is my especial gift? (I ask for a sister or brother!) ^.^

Simone is wearing Jacquard Dress by Lilly Pulitzer 

with Shiny Purple Sandals by Sun San.

Photos: Frances Iacuzzi Photography

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  1. Such a beautiful girl!
    You three are a beautiful family!