Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animal Lover!

Ok Guys .... I must be honest, I have "pet problems" with my daddies :(

I told them that I want a pet ... ¿Why auntie Tori can have any pet she want?

First I told them that I want a pony with very long pink hair and they said: 
Honey, that kind of pony only exist in the princess movies! (well, I´m living a princess movie DA!)

Then I try with a little panda, they said: 
Honey, we would need to reforest our backyard and fill it with bamboo to have a panda.

I also tried with a dolphin but this time I proposed that we could have it in the bathtub, but they said: 
is a great idea BUT the tub is too small for a dolphin.

So, after all my proposals for pets they gave me this shirt ..... and it's great!! 

My little kitty is very obedient, eat when I do, sleep when I do, no meows at night, no poop there AND you know cats are not fans of the bathrooms but mine ... I only take it out and throw it in the washing machine! (yay) and I almost forget the fact that my kitty also came with the best dance moves: Fist Pump! (printed on the shirt)

Simone is wearing Kitty Shirt by Next Level Apparel (in stores only), Capri Ruched Leggings by Xhilaration for Target (sold out, find similar one HERE) and Piggy Slippers by Rich Frog for InvenTORI.


  1. Love this post. It almost reads like a children's book. So sweet.

  2. This blog is too cute!!!