Wednesday, May 02, 2012

In the mail today: 2nd Haircut in Little z Kids!

So, maybe I'm becoming addicted to beauty salon but come on! my hair ends was a little dry. I noticed when I was brushing my hair. 

So I told to my dads very seriously: I need a haircut now! this is urgent. What if my friends from preschool see this? .... gosh! I don't even wanna think about it (to shame)


Then and after all the stress for the condition of my hair was gone, I needed a little sugar to recover, so we went for a few cakes to calm my anxiety.

Here I am, lost in the immensity of the universe of sugar and sweets (^.^)!


Thanks to "Little z Kids" and their owner Sandy Zeccardi for my new outfits, included this very cool Bowling Night shirt

Me and my daddies love it! :)

Also, simone is wearing a Plaid Skirt by The Children Place (sold out)

 and Shiny Fuchsia Sandals by Sun San.

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