Monday, April 09, 2012

In the mail today: Easter Outfit from Bellaboobows Boutique!

Thanks to "Bellaboobows Boutique" and their owner Tracy Clover for my beautiful Easter Outfit 2012.
Me and my daddies love it! :)

They were perfect to begin with my easter hunt, totally in style like a any real diva (^.^). 

I hope all of you spend a wonderful weekend with the family and friends as we did with my daddies. A new entry is coming with all the details about our easter 2012.

Simone is wearing Pink Tutu & Easter Bunny Bow by Bellaboobows Boutique. 

Matching with pink classic canvas by Toms.


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  2. Little Dorothy Hammil! So cute a cut and fun for summer!

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