Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Summer Time!

Winter is glamorous and romantic, BUT ...... summer is fun!
I can wear comfortable clothing, enjoy time at the pool and walk along the Santa Monica beach with my parents.

I love to go bike riding along the beach and feel the sea breeze in my face, I like play with sand and eat popsicles to overcome the oppressive heat of this season.


Oh lovely summer...... it's time to play and tan!! just a little bit because what is actually IN is show your natural skin color...... tanning is thing of the past ^^ 

OPPS! I'm still trying to eat ice cream properly so don't judge me because I'm only 2! :)

Simone is wearing Infant Toddler Girls Square Neck Top - White by Genuine Kids from OshKosh at Target. 

with Griffin shorts by Peek Kids

and Shiny Fuchsia Sandals by Sun San

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  1. I adore that shirt from Target. She is such a love!