Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is a Girl's Life! Special mention to Little z Kids

Sometimes it's hard being a girl. You must keep the house clean, look after the kids, have time for dinner with friends, go to shopping AND always look beautiful.......... is hard!

But from time to time our life becomes much easier if we have parents who take us to lunch at fancy restaurants, this is my case. The other day I said to my Dad Scout while we enjoyed the sun drinking a juice made ​​with Fiji water (oh yeah, that's a real cocktail):

Daddy, life is hard, sometimes it's hard to take care of everything, it's hard being a girl in this world, I am a good daughter, the kids always looks clean (when I say kids I mean my dogs), I eat all my vegetables and I'm always willing to give a hug. So I was thinking, what if we go to lunch at some place away from home?, I think I deserve it.

Dad immediately headed to dad Bill and I could see they had a little chat, after 5 min both came to me and said:
Honey, pick your best outfit because we'll go to King's Head Pub II.

I concluded that I have a great mental power (LOL). So I went to my room to find the perfect outfit and what better than Little z Kids. Their owner Sandy Zeccardi has filled me with gifts and I am very grateful for that because they are an exclusive! I have the privilege to enjoy the new collection before anyone else (yeah! I'm a real DIVA). So I took the Bunny Dress with my favorite sandals and I was ready to go to lunch with Dads.


After that day everything returned to normal and as a good housewife of L.A, I went with Nana and dad Scout to the Farmers Market to choose the best vegetables and fruits (no one can pick as well as I do but shuuu, don't tell dad, I don't wanna hurt his feelings).


Outfit 1: Simone is wearing Bunny Top/Dress by Little z Kids summer collection called Japanese POP  and Swimmer in Red Sandals by Sun San

Outfit 2: Chickens TShirt by Little z Kids summer collection called Japanese POP with Griffin shorts by Peek Kids with Swimmer in Red Sandals by Sun San and Fedora by Roxy Girl (out of stock)



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  1. I LOVE this!!! That is my little Abby from AbbyTrends in the picture up there! We get a million compliments on this Little Z Kids top!