Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walking the Line!

Some time ago my parents put on tv one of the Cirque du Solei shows. Immediately my reaction was: OMG this is real? or just a figment of my overactive imagination? and no, those amazing stunts are completely real!

Hey dads! why I still do not see any of these shows? and they said that my age still would not let me :( Oh god! only you know how unfair life is and how much I want to stop being a toddler to do things of big girls, like go shopping alone, watching movies until late, eat ice cream everyday, start reading alone and above all, go to see the Cirque du Solei with my friends (without parents obviously).


I can't see the Cirque du Solei "yet" BUT I decided to start practicing my own tricks, so every time we go out and I see a line in the sidewalk I tell myself: Simone's your chance... "walk the line"!!


Simone is wearing Jaya Tank by Peek Kids (sold out)

and Griffin shorts also by Peek Kids (sold out)

*** Simone also is wearing Suede Loafers (no brand), you can get the copy-cat option HERE. Her purse is from Olivera Street. 

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