Friday, January 27, 2012

People Magazine: Meet the Fashion Star "Simone"

Look who’s already rocking the red carpet and MAGAZINES!

From her ankle boots to her chic scarf, Simone Masterson-Horn is quickly becoming quite the fashionista.

It’s no surprise considering her aunt (and godmother!) is trendsetter Tori Spelling and her dads are the actress’s best friends (and Home Sweet Hollywood costars) Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, a.k.a The Guncles.

But we’re not the only ones to notice this mini style star! Kiddie fashion blogger Natalia Caver also has Simone on her radar and has even created a site dedicated to the 19-month-old’s adorable ensembles.

“[Simone] is a little princess, funny with a great personality, and a lovely wardrobe,” Caver tells PEOPLE.
“One day you see her with fancy dresses like Suri Cruise and [the next day] with fur boots, a scarf, and a beret like her cousin Stella McDermott.”

Known to step out in brands ranging from Target to Zara, proud dad Horn jokes his little girl knows what she wants — and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion! — when it comes to her sense of style.“Simone is starting to point to things she wants to wear and often lets us know if she isn’t in the mood to wear something we’re about to put on her. We’ve created a clothing monster!” he says. 

– Anya Leon
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