Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Antique shopping!

In my family buying antiques is normal and one of our favorite things to do on weekends. Sometimes auntie Tori and uncle Dean come with us and of course, also my cousins, but this weekend we were just me and my parents, so I had a lot of time with them. 

We talked of many things, among these, something very important that requires months of planification, MY BIRTHDAY. I'll soon be 2 years so it seemed good to put my ideas on the table and show to my parents that I want a "Super Sweet 2" worthy of a princess.


First we lunch at Ricochet (in Joshua tree) but the desert heat got hot, so I took off my tee AND let me show you my super cute and noble tank top from Project Ladybug by Dina Manzo's charity. They bring financial and emotional hope to children and their families under rigorous medical treatments. Dina Manzo is the “Mother-ladybug” who shelters young children suffering from life-threatening illnesses under her wings. To get my cute top and donate for this wonderful cause go HERE.

Simone is wearing Hope Tee by Little Society

with Griffin shorts by Peek Kids

and Dameka Turquoise Boots by Circo at Target


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  2. Simone you are way too cute!!! Your very blessed with a very loving family!!

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